Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Students Wear Red Day Activities

Ms. Barbara Crone's 3rd Grade Class
Sugar Creek Elementary, Bentonville, Arkansas

Students Support National Wear Red Day

The Sugar Creek Elementary 3rd Grade class, guided by their teacher Ms. Barbara Crone studied about Heart Health during American Heart Month and completed Wear Red Day Activities with her students. According to Crone, they learned about eating healthy food, doing activities that give our bodies exercise, and avoiding unhealthy things like cigarettes and drugs. At the end of our lessons, we stood up, crossed our hearts with our arms and repeated the pledge on the poster: “I pledge to eat healthy, play healthy, and be healthy.” Every morning we eat a healthy snack and do our “morning jog” which consists of jogging in place for a few minutes.

Students Heartfelt support for National Wear Red Day

As a final activity, we wore red shirts and red caps while sitting down in the shape of a heart. One of the parents, Mrs. Tandy, took pictures of the students in their red shirts that were donated by Jem Sports Wear through Ms. Maienschein, and Outdoor Cap, a local business, gave the students each a red caps.
Special Thanks to the students and their teacher
for their support of National Wear Red Day.



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