Thursday, August 13, 2009

Health Care Reform-What to Ask in a Town Hall

With the health care reform debate sweeping the country, many politicians are turning to Town Hall style meetings to answer questions and get feedback from their constituents. This is a great opportunity to voice your concerns on the current state of health care and how it can be improved.

We encourage You’re the Cure advocates to participate in these Town Hall meetings and share how health care reform can improve outcomes for heart and stroke patients. Here are some tips when participating in a Town Hall:

Tell Your Story

First and foremost, you should share your personal story.

• Has a preexisting heart condition or stroke made it difficult or impossible for you
or a loved one to get health insurance?
• Have you struggled to afford health insurance for yourself or your family?
• Have you reached the maximum for your insurance coverage and now struggle to
pay the bills out-of-pocket?
• Do you struggle with complicated insurance forms and processes that make it
difficult to get the care you need?
• Have you been denied treatment that your doctor says is needed?
• Is the cost of necessary medications forcing you to make other sacrifices?
• Do you have difficulty seeing the healthcare provider or specialist you need to
• If you are a healthcare provider, have you witnessed your patients going without
needed care and suffering poorer outcomes because they don’t have health
insurance coverage?

Your story will help illustrate for lawmakers the urgency of our request and the need to do something now to reform our ailing healthcare system.

Ask Your Question

In addition to you personal story, you should ask how the Representative/Senator will
address your struggles with the healthcare system.

• What will you do to make sure people can afford the healthcare they need?
• How will you ensure that all Americans have access to the best care possible?
• What will you do to ensure that quality healthcare is available in all areas of our
country for all Americans?
• How will you ease the red tape, ensuring that people get the care they need
without unnecessary administrative barriers?

Your Conclusion

However you phrase your question- the conclusion of your message should be “Please
move forward on healthcare reform quickly - and in any reform efforts, please correct
MY problems(specify the problem)with the current system”



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