Wednesday, April 29, 2009

National Lobby Day Heartwarming Story

Here is an incredible and heart warming story from the Arkansas Delegation for National Lobby Day April 21, 2009. Mrs. International, Laine Berry, world title holder took time out of her busy schedule to lobby the Arkansas Congressional Delegation. But during her day's activities she had many people that stopped her and enjoyed having their picture taken. You will want to see and hear the story of one young admirer of Mrs. International. Here is his story told by his father.

My son & I was recently in Washington DC. We stayed at the Hyatt on the Hill. Your conference was going on at the same time we were there. During our visit Mrs International came into the lobby. My son being a teenager noticed her immediately of course. As she walked through the lobby she took time out for a couple of photos. One of those photos was with my son Randall (19). While I qreatly appreciate Mrs International's graciousness for my son's photo opportunity I found it ironic that he was one of the ones she took her photo with..... After all she could not know anything at all about his story..... You see he could have been there with your group.... He is also a survivor.... At 2 days old he underwent his first open heart surgery. At 2 years old major reconstructive surgery.... Then at 16 after cardiac arrest he had a partial transplant and he now has a pace maker / defiblilator. There was no way she could have known that the young man she was standing by was anything more than a bystander. I wish to thank her for her kindness and generosity to my son. I have no way of knowing how to contact her other than to hope you will pass this information on from a father who has watched his son go through hell and then to see him light up like he did with a simple picture.

Curtis Winder

Many lives are impacted daily by the Americn Heart Association and our efforts through our Advocacy department. This is just one of the many wonderful stories and one life that was saved due to heart and stroke research and prevention.

Thank you Mr. Winder for sharing Randall's story.



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